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Mar 30, 2018

Shawn is going to talk to us about options for insurance for real estate investors and how to control your insurance costs. Shawn is a fantastic teacher when it comes to this topic and there will be no sales pitching!

Mar 23, 2018

With many years working with Fortune 500 companies, Gary is one of the most knowledgeable facilitators you will ever come across. From implementing EOS to process mapping core process in your business, Gary can dive deep into any business and put systems in it and make it a well-oiled machine!

Mar 17, 2018

In this informing podcast with Abhi Gohlar, a highly experienced and educated real estate investor, we talk about the difference between creating a job as an investor and actually creating a business!

Mar 9, 2018

Jeff Johnson has over 20 years of experience as a licensed professional engineer and construction manager. Jeff founded NewPath Properties in 2009 when the foreclosure crisis gripped the nation. Since 2009 he has purchased and improved over 150 homes and has built several new homes. Jeff loves helping others and...